Dressing Modestly Yet Fashionably

I have noticed that women in various religions stick to their true / core values where they choose to dress modestly.  I realize that the term “modest” can be a subjective term, but overall these women choose to wear an outfit that is not revealing.  At the same time, the outfits that the women wear are highly fashionable.

After doing some research, I came across several individuals and also online stores that promote these modest outfits across the different cultures and religions.  I give a lot of credit to these strong women who under no pressure or other external factor choose to cover their hair or dress very conservatively.  It took the “royal wedding” to happen before a lot of the wedding dresses became conservative and modest.  Since then, the trend has continued into formal evening wear and also daily casual wear.

A quick search over the web, you can find various online websites that sell conservative / modest clothing that is fashionable.  In the Jewish faith, I came across Kosher Casual, which carries fashionable and modest clothing.  The same applies for the Christian faith, where I came across Dress for His Glory.  The Muslim faith also has similar sites that sell fashionable clothing that is modest.  One of these stores modest islamic apparel stores is Rosaya.  The Muslim faith not only has online stores for modest clothing, but they are also an online hijab store.  Even their hijabs are very unique and fashionable, as some are basic, while others are very trendy.

Not only are there stores that sell these modest clothing, but there are several bloggers that essentially review the products, but also provide fashion tips.  On YouTube, I came across Dina Tokyo, who has a lot of followers and consistency provides fashion tips.  Along the same lines there is also Downtown Demure.

This is a great trend and also area that is not very well known.  But for those that are leading the way, I give them a lot of credit, as these days dressing conservatively or modestly, does not seem to come easy.

How a mentor helps a mentee

How Does a Mentor Go About Helping You?

Each time we hear the noun mentor, do we genuinely know how to answer the straightforward question of what a mentor is?

I recently came across a very good article at MentorSeekr that seems to answer this question very well.

A mentor helps us by “showing us the ropes” so  that we are capable of improving ourselves from “point A to point B. Except the deeper inquiry is, how does an individual recognize what point  A and point  B is?

Therefore, I agree with the article in that a good mentor has each of the following characteristics when guiding the mentee:

Leading With a Vision
A mentor is a leader with a vision on how to proceed and the best way to start reaching such vision. A mentor works with a mentee to set up a vision and on the basis of the mentee’s character and skills. Working collectively they form a guideline on how to attain such vision

A mentor is skilled and knows what to do and how to go about accomplishing something.  This is a must as such skill is needed as its part of the plan to develop the vision I discussed above.

Proficient Observer
A mentor takes note and watches very carefully to every  detail  to understand what a mentee says, does, doesn’t do, what the issues are and more.  Understanding the mentor, the individual uses it to adapt to the mentee and develop a vision using his skills.above.

Crises Management
There are always obstacles in what we do.  Knowing how to deal with these obstacles is what makes us have experience.  A mentor knows how to deal with these obstacles.  Knowing how to do this is very beneficial above.

Easy To Talk To
If you were afraid to make contact with a person, would you really trust them as a mentor?  For a person to be a good mentor, we believe that the person be required to be approachable  to the magnitude that a mentee can draw near him/her and ask for guidance

I touched the very basics of how a mentor helps a mentee and what really a mentor is.  Check out the full article on MentorSeekr called “What is a Mentor?”